Yes. There are some minimum and maximum weight and height limits, varying from equipment to equipment. In some VR Experiences, a maximum weight of 100Kg and a minimum height of 140cm will be considered. Our staff will be able to advise in more detail on site and propose an alternative or replacement VR Experience.  
VIRAL offers different types of virtual reality experiences for all types of users. Featuring 30+ games and different experiences by the various simulators.
Yes you can. To do so, simply re-book 24 hours in advance, contacting Viral and identifying the reservation you want to postpone or anticipate.
Simple, just contact us, visit Viral, or through online booking available on our website. Select the VR experience, in the calendar choose the date, the available times for that day will appear immediately below. choose your schedule and add to your order.
The minimum age at which you can attend and enjoy VR experiences is 10 years. The limitations are imposed by the manufacturers of VR equipment and accessories for safety reasons in their handling.
Por razões de segurança, é proibido o acesso:
  • crianças com menos de 10 anos de idade
  • mulheres grávidas
  • idosos
  • pessoas que sofrem de doenças cardíacas, pacemakers implantados ou outros dispositivos médicos electrónicos, ou outras condições médicas graves
  • pessoas com deficiência visual
  • pessoas que sofrem de epilepsia
  • pessoas com distúrbios psiquiátricos pré-existentes
  • pessoas com constipações, gripe, dores de cabeça ou infecções de ouvidos não devem utilizar simuladores de realidade virtual, pois isto pode agravar a sua condição.
Se não tem a certeza, ou dúvidas, recomendamos o aconselhamento junto dos serviços de saúde ou do teu médico.
We accept payments by ATM and MBWAY reference for online reservations. At the Viral Virtual Reality Center, we accept the previous ones as well as cash and ATM card.
You should wear casual or sporting clothes and shoes that you feel comfortable with, depending on the type of simulator or experience selected. We have a locker for your items and clothes, so you can make the most of it!